We MOVE students forward through mentoring and the entrepreneurial experience. We advocate for the fringe and the poor.                                                              

Mobile Car Detail & Spa- Our first social enterprise

Mobile Car Detail & Spa- Our first social enterprise

It’s not just about what we can do to help people; it’s about the influence that they are in our world today, and for our future to come.
— -notes from our leadership team

Out BIG 3 Strategy

Partnerships We connect with students and understand their worlds through empathy and authentic partnerships. Our mission is proven to MAKE THEM BETTER!

MOVE Meetups  
In our bi-weekly MOVE Meetups, students meet with our team and learn about personal mission, entrepreneurship and values. Our meetups will be held at the locations of our strategic partners: community centers, the YMCA and local businesses. We invite local businessman, artist and entrepreneurs to share their experience and contribute to the curriculum.  

Apprenticeships When you invest in apprenticeships, you give us the ability to employ students as we mentor them to be BETTER. Apprenticeships transform learning into action. This allows us to unleash incredible students into local businesses, building bridges and relationships that would have never come about in any other way. Most of our students live in poverty, and our apprenticeships help them meet their financial needs as they grow themselves.

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We engage students with hands-on learning led by tech, arts and business experts. By hiring high school students,we create apprenticeships with opportunities to connect with entrepreneurs and gain valuable work experience. We foster a culture that inspires students to learn hospitality, business fundamentals and workmanship. We aim to help instill a sense of direction and determination in our student partners as they prepare for their futures.